About R McCoy Group


We have more than 40 years of experience in Leadership and Organizational Development within business, nonprofits and church organizations as both  staff  and outside consultants.   This gives me and my team the experience needed to help you and your organization move to the next level.  We also have extensive experience in training, leading and deploying leaders at many different levels.

We are  skilled in one on one  coaching as well as organizational staff development.

We provide seminars and onsite leadership development along with organizational structure analysis and solutions. Your organization can only grow as large and healthy as the structure you put under it.

You know the things you should do, but can’t seem to make those things happen?  We are skilled and proven in implementing organizational change including evaluation of staff, finding their “sweet spot”, motivating forward progress with growth and creating systems to measure success.

Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less – John Maxwell

Everything rises and falls with leadership – John Maxwell

Many times challenges arise when leadership is under valued and being a doer is over valued. – Randy McCoy

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

You can do anything if you are willing to pay the price of time and energy.

Contact me at RandyMcCoy@johnmaxwellgroup.com

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