Rocky Mt Worship Leaders retreat: What a treat

For 17 years I have hosted a worship leader retreat for worship folks of all kinds.  This past week was the most recent installment of that event.  This event has been many different sizes over the years, reaching around 250 at one point, but I have found that a group between 25 and 40 is the best size for community to happen, and ground to be fertile for growth.  As we ended the time at the YMCA of the Rockies on Thursday night, we realized that we did not have one session about leading worship or having anything to do with the practical aspect of worship.  What we did talk about during our sessions and devotions was deeper.  Forgiveness, how to treat people, being a servant in your leadership, taking care of issues in your life now and not waiting until they stack up and become overwhelming.  We all know, if you take care of those things, the other elements of being an effective, mature worship leader will be much easier.  Don’t cheat the people that you lead into God’s presence each week by not going to the deeper parts of being a worship leader/pastor.  It is about much more than being able to sing or play really well or have “the look”